Eco Refill Bags 10grams

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Saving You Money! At the request of many of our clients over the years we are finally offering our minerals in bulk.

Don't pay for another container! Refill your empty jar and save on container costs and also help environment!

100% Vegan

Never Tested On Aminals

Our promise to you...

•    No Bismuth Oxychloride          

•    No Fillers

•    No Parabens

•    No Dyes

•    No Talc

•    No Irritants

•    Gluten-free

Results you can count on...

•    Flawless coverage every time

•    Light/airy feeling on skin

•    Excellent skin tone matching

•    Protection from harmful UV rays

•    Sweat resistant

•    Perfect for active/sport lifestyles

 •  All-day coverage



Easy Shade Chart

Finding your perfect shade is easy with Our Minerals. We supply a graphic description with each shade. 

Not a thick paste or liquid that can appear masque like, allow some of your natural tones and highlights come through for a much more natural look. 

This also makes colour matching much easier. 


 Fair:  Those with very light skin enjoy this shade. 

  Fair 2:  Those with darker features but very light skin enjoy this shade. 

  Medium:  Great for most Caucasian medium skin tone that carry a hint of pink undertones. 

  Medium Beige:  Great for most Caucasian medium skin tone that carry a hint of beige yellow undertones. 

  Medium 2:  Great for most Asian medium skin tone or darker Caucasian that carry a hint of beige yellow undertones. 

  Warm:  Great for most Asian with darker skin tone that carry a hint of darker yellow undertones. 

  Light Warm:  For those that carry dark yellow skin tones.  Asian, Hispanic and some dark skinned Caucasians. 

  Medium Tan:  Perfect for Caucasians that spend time in the sun or sun booth. 

  Dark Warm:  Those with a copper shade of brown skin tone. Great for medium skinned darker woman of colour.

  Dark:  Those with beautiful dark chocolate skin tone. 

  Deep:  Those with the deepest darkest brown with blue and red undertones for darker woman of colour.




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